Our Departments



Nursing Department

Our team of doctors applies medical knowledge and skills to the diagnoses, prevention and management of disease. Monitoring and providing general health care patients. Admitting patients requiring special care followed by investigations and treatment. Examining and counseling with patients to diagnose their medical conditions. Caring out specific procedures and giving home a like environment.

Blood Donation Services

Blood Donation Services

The team of blood donation services is consisted of team in-charge, doctors, phlebotomists and public relation officers who collect the blood donations from colleges, universities and corporate sectors etc. Whereas a large number of people being given awareness through blood camps and seminars to spread knowledge about chronic blood diseases.

Admin & Accounts Department

The departments of administration and accounts are highly motivated and valued with a clear sense of transparency and purpose. The departments make sure the best mutual co-operation among all the departments for working with each other to be the most effective team.

Marketing Department

Every child in Pakistan has the chance of a childhood free from ignorance and discrimination our marketing team has a mission to help achieve this through fund raising which is inspirational, creative and delivers results. We communicate the urgency of our cause and highlight how supporters can contribute. We also provide the best opportunity to the donors that without any percentage to the team, every single penny of donation, Zakat, Sadqa, Fitrana etc. is used for the treatment of children suffering from chronic blood diseases.

Marketing Department


 It is well said that “ good diagnoses leads to good cure” so the establishment of a well equipped diagnostic laboratory and blood bank in a  haematology centre is very crucial  and is an integral part  to diagnose and cure the children suffering from blood disorders. Without the establishment of proper laboratory, treatment of children braving thalassemia, haemophilia cannot be accomplished. Different types of blood tests are being performed on state of the art machinery and genetic counseling is being done on international standard to prevent and eradicate genetic diseases like thalassaemia and haemophilia. Diagnostic and transfusion Services are also being provided to the outdoor patients at large.