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This is an exciting time for nursing, as we position our profession as leaders in improving healthcare for all citizens in our nation. The Affordable Care Act has provisions for advancing the education of nurses, for improving access to healthcare for all and for developing new models of care delivery, many of which provide new roles for registered professional nurses and advanced practice nurses.

I am proud to say that NYULMC Nursing is among the nation’s leaders in shaping the future of nursing. As a Magnet hospital, re-designated in 2009, we embody the forces of magnetism, and are committed to the best practice environment for nurses to deliver the highest quality care to their patients.

Our professional model, the DNA of Nursing, has three components: evidence-based practice, caring and leadership. Our model’s building blocks of practice, collaboration, communication and professional development provide a foundation from which NYULMC nurses demonstrate the highest level of professional nursing practice for our patients and their families.

Here at NYULMC, nurses can choose from many clinical services and programs to begin or mature a professional career path that can span decades. The many opportunities that are available for nurses at all levels from new Baccalaureate RN graduates to Advanced Practice Nurses offer the ability to deliver world class nursing care in an intellectually-stimulating academic environment. Nurses at NYULMC demonstrate their professional practice through participation in the various councils that govern the practice of nursing, the quality of our care, and the discovery of new knowledge.

Continuous learning is a way of life at NYULMC. Nurses address the pursuit of new knowledge through our many educational programs, through participation in our Nursing Research Council, and our McClure Scholars Program, where nationally-known nurse researchers join us for a year and lead us in developing a staff-designed evidenced-based project that improves care to our patients. The Susan Bowar-Ferres Research Scholar Fund supports individual staff nurses in gaining expertise in evidence-based practice and research.

Join us in our journey to serve our patients and their families through excellence in caring, and to discover new knowledge that helps our patients’ live better, longer and more productive lives. Please explore our website and I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and discuss your role in leading high quality and safe patient care at NYULMC.

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