Muhammad Yaseen KhanMuhammad Yaseen Khan

Muhammad Yaseen Khan is a President of Sundas Foundation. Part of his job here is to draw in corporate and governmental support for our aid and development work, as well as the causes we represent. This involves bringing Sundas Foundation work to the attention of government, community and business leaders.

Muhammad Yaseen Khan is running the organization for over 18 years. He has also played a large role in establishing and overseeing many of the charity’s aid and development programmes to date. In 1998, Muhammad Yaseen Khan founded Sundas Foundation with the ambition to eradicate Thalassemia, Hemophilia and Blood Cancer from society. He is also the President of Pakistan Civil Society, The purpose of this society is to support non-profit civil society organizations emerged as a response to the challenges facing by civil society of Pakistan with regards to the fight against poverty, social injustice, and governance issues in Pakistan.