The Physiotherapy Department at SUNDAS FOUNDATION is dedicated to providing specialized care and therapeutic interventions for individuals with thalassemia. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that affects the production of hemoglobin, resulting in anemia and other complications. In this department, highly trained physiotherapists work closely with patients to assess their physical abilities, address functional limitations, and improve their overall quality of life. The primary goal of the Physiotherapy Department is to enhance mobility, promote physical well-being, and optimize the functional abilities of individuals with thalassemia. The Physiotherapy Department works collaboratively with other healthcare professionals in SUNDAS FOUNDATION to ensure a holistic approach to patient care. By integrating physiotherapy into the comprehensive treatment plan, the department aims to enhance the overall well-being and functional abilities of individuals with thalassemia, helping them lead fulfilling lives with improved physical function and mobility.


Nursing is an art and a science dedicated to educating individuals in protecting people from diseases, improving the physical and psychological well-being of patients by delivering the health care instructed by the doctor and planning, applying and checking the patient care. Our team of doctors apply the medical knowledge and skills for the diagnosis, prevention and management of diseases. The Nursing Department admits patients who require special care followed by investigation and treatment. The department also provides counseling services to patients to diagnose their medical conditions and carry out the specific procedures as required.


The Blood Donation Services department is one of our key departments and works tirelessly to collect blood through blood collection campaigns & blood drives. The department also works to spread public awareness through blood camps & seminars to educate people about chronic blood diseases. Our team includes department in-charge, doctors, phlebotomists and public relation officers who collect the blood donations from colleges, universities and corporate sector.


Sundas Foundation’s Admin and Finance Department is being run by seasoned professionals and we are continuously thriving very hard to improve our processes and automate our processes. The Admin & Finance Team optimizes our growth, while aiming for long-term value creation. They drive our growth platforms, supports our operational pillars, leverages our competitive advantage and always delivers. The departments of administration and accounts are highly motivated and valued with a clear sense of transparency and purpose.


Even the most altruistic organization can't do much good unless people know about it. A non-profit organization needs strong relationships with donors, volunteers, the media, and even government organizations in order to pursue its mission effectively. At Sundas Foundation, we have a dedicated Marketing Department with an experienced team. They are responsible to run special campaigns & manage continuous marketing efforts in order to maintain relationships, bring in consistent donations, and keep Foundation’s work in the public eye. They communicate the urgency of our cause and highlight how supporters can contribute.