Blood Kits

Blood Screening Kits are required to perform screening tests on blood bags to ensure that the blood donated by donors is completely healthy and save for transfusion. A single Blood Screening Kit can perform Approximately 500 blood tests. As we do not compromise on quality and hence, we use state-of-the art technology and high-quality equipment to prevent affected blood transfusion.

Blood Bags

A single Blood Bag can save up to 3 valuable lives. Sundas Foundation requires at least 1,000 blood bags every month to cater the needs of blood transfusion to the Thalassemic, Hemophilic and Blood Cancer Patients.

Injections and Tablets

Once the blood is transfused to the Thalassemic, Hemophilic or a patient suffering from other blood disorder, the level of iron increases in their body. To control the iron level in the patient’s body, they need to be given iron Chelation Thraphy with Tablets and Injections especially in Thalassemia.


Sundas Foundation is constructing the state-of-the-art and purpose built Thalassemia hospital in Lahore to provide patient care services to Thalassemic & Hemophilic patients. This is a huge project and a great initiative for which the land has already been acquired and construction work is being planned to be started soon. Our donors have donated generously but we still need your assistance to complete the construction of Sundas Foundation’s Hospital Project.

Financial Assistance

We need continuous financial assistance to manage & effectively run our operations & provide services to the Thalassemic and Hemophilic patients that are generally offered free of cost.