Patient Treamtment Cycle

  • At Sundas Foundation, hemophilia and thalassemia patient come across the country with almost medical history relevant to hematological disorder. At arrival all patients have to fill one standard form, in which he gives his own family and medical information. Sundas Foundation doctors registered new patients in a hard copy register and on the same time into our online system with patient unique Identification Designated (ID) Number. All centers are linked with central online sysystem, so Patient acn visit any centre in future for blood transfusion.
  • At second stage, once the patient gets registered, he / she goses under through screening process before he/ she will be going for blood transfusion. A complete analysis done by our diagnostic division and find out any kind of contagious disease like HbSAg, Anti HCV, HIV, Syphilis, Mpetc.
  • Sundas Foundation medical staff examine the patient to know his physical health like his HB level, liver spleen etc.and then setup his/her blood transfusion chart
  • If the patent needs any kind of medical treatment other than transfusion like lron chelation therapy, dental workup, physiotheraph and associated medicines. These all treatments and medicines are absolutely free of cost provided by Sundas Foundation.
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  • Before every transfusion, our medical staff always take basic blood test like CBC, Liver function test, renal function test and cerium ferrting level test etc. These all test we carried out depends on the patient needs and requirements. All tests are analyzed by a panel of doctors and keptin patient history hard & soft file for future references.
  • Patient history data could be archived from main system atany Sundas Foundation Centre.
  • For patient’s family and their guardians, a session is taken by a dedicated team of psychologist, who explained them the disease sensitivity, transfusion procedure and patients special care, they need. They also give them motivational theapy and assure them that Sundas Foundation will be with them through out their live for their medical and transfusion needs.
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